• Dissertation (includes user manual for Delphin):
  • Adam Poswolsky and Carsten Schürmann.  System Description: Delphin – A Functional Programming Language for Deductive Systems. In International Workshop on Logical Frameworks and Metalanguages: Theory and Practice (LFMTP ’08), Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science (ENTCS), pages 135–141, Pittsburgh, PA, June 2008.  Elsevier. (PDF)
  • Adam Poswolsky and Carsten Schürmann.  Practical Programming with Higher-Order Encodings and Dependent Types.  In European Symposium on Programming (ESOP 2008), pages 93–107, Budapest, Hungary, 2008.  ISBN 978-3-540-78738-9.
    • Full Version (PDF)
    • Extended Technical Report, YALEU/DCS/TR-1375 (PDF)
    • Example file from Paper: esop08.d

Earlier Design of Delphin

  • Adam Poswolsky.  A Temporal-Logic Approach to Functional Calculi for Dependent Types and Higher-Order Encodings, YALEU/DCS/TR-1364, 2006.

∇/Elphin Specific

  • Carsten Schürmann, Adam Poswolsky, and Jeffrey Sarnat.  The  ∇-calculus.  Functional Programming with Higher-Order Encodings.  In Typed Lambda Calculus and Applications (TLCA 2005), pages 339–353, Nara, Japan, 2005.
    • Full Version (PDF)
    • Extended Technical Report, YALEU/DCS/TR-1272 (PDF)


  • Adam Poswolsky and Carsten Schürmann.  Factoring Report (Factoring Pure Logic Programs), YALEU/DCS/TR-1256, 2003.
    • Full Version (PDF)
    • Extended Technical Report (PDF)